Portfolio of Jorrit Rouwé
Killzone Shadow Fall: Threading the Entity Update on PS4

Presented at the GDCE 2014 in Köln.

On the PS3 the SPUs were too limited for doing typical entity logic (e.g. humanoids walking around and shooting), so all of our entity logic was running on a single thread. For the PS4 we adopted the "entity as a job" approach and developed a set of rules that entities have to adhere to. We also developed a way to validate these rules at runtime so that no race conditions occur. This presentation will also show how we spread out entity updates across frames. The resulting system has proven itself on the PS4 -- and there have been surprisingly few race conditions that were not easily caught.

Video: GDC Vault, Slides: PPTX (42 MB, with movies), PDF (4 MB, no movies)