Portfolio of Jorrit Rouwé
Launching and Supporting Killzone Shadow Fall

Presented at Digital Dragons 2015 in Krakow, Poland.

Killzone Shadow Fall is a First Person Shooter that has an online component where 24 players can compete. This session describes the period prior to launch and the year after launch. It will give details on what it takes to release a multiplayer game in the areas of load testing, monitoring and telemetry. Then it will cover our most important findings after launch, the experiments that we did and the results that we achieved.

This talk will be useful for developers interested in building a multiplayer game. It will not be a very hardcore technical talk as it will not delve very deep into the server architecture, but instead will focus mostly on results (telemetry graphs) and anecdotes surrounding launch.

You'll learn about best practices when launching your multiplayer game to minimize the risk of breakage. You'll learn what systems to prepare prior to launch and what to do with them after launch. There will also be a lot of facts and figures that you can use to plan the launch of your own game.

Video: YouTube, Slides: PPTX PDF

Tags: killzone shadow fall, load testing, matchmaking, monitoring, multi player, server technology, telemetry.