Portfolio of Jorrit Rouwé

Architecting Jolt Physics for 'Horizon Forbidden West'

GDC 2022 presentation.

Jolt Physics

An open source physics engine used by Horizon Forbidden West, available on github.com.

Comparison of Triangle Encodings and Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Ray Casts

An article from 2019 comparing various ray casting strategies.

Launching and Supporting Killzone Shadow Fall

Digital Dragons 2015 presentation.

Killzone Shadow Fall: Threading the Entity Update on PS4

GDCE 2014 presentation.

The Server Architecture Behind Killzone Shadow Fall

Sony DevCon 2014 presentation.

Networking related blog posts for killzone.com

A collection of blog posts for the Killzone Shadow Fall online community in 2014.

The Guerrilla Guide to Game Code

An article about structuring your game code. Published on www.gamasutra.com in 2005.

Collision Detection with Swept Spheres and Ellipsoids

An article about collision detection between swept ellipsoids and polygons written in 2003.