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FindMySoft.com (5/5) - "One thing is guaranteed: get this game and you will have tons of fun. It is an addictive physics based puzzle game that you will have trouble putting down. Or at least I had problems putting the game down."

iPwnAge.com (9.5/10) - "Within several minutes of playing, I knew this would be one of the 5 apps I would actually go back to (I have 3 apps that I actually use out of the 197 I have, that's how critical I am)."

MobileGameFAQs.com (Gold Award: 80/100) - "Monster Crush gave me hours of fun and frustration and that's all you can ask for from a Physics game." Full review...

PocketFullOfApps.com (4.5/5) - "What I love about Monster Crush is that it involves a lot of strategy, and unlike other puzzle games where you just randomly place objects to see what happens, I formulate a plan to complete the mission that gives a great sense of achievement when you complete the level. Another great point is that there is no right way to do it. This gives you freedom to experiment." Full review...

AppSpy.com (4/5) - "The real magic of Monster Crush is in its ability to be one part strategic puzzle with an equal part of fun physics toy. Replaying levels for new solutions or better outcomes quickly becomes dangerously addictive. With so much to do and enjoy, this is a must try game." Full review...

AppSafari.com (4/5) - "It was so much fun knocking the buildings over again and again. Most of the time it didn't even matter if there were aliens for me to squash; it was just fun trying to make the most spectacular crashes I could manage." Full review...

GamesUncovered.com (good) - "We were impressed by the amount of variation in the game, especially compared to Implode!, and all of the level types presented fun challenges. [...] The animations are very smooth and watching the buildings crumble to the ground is a true delight."

CapsuleComputers.com - (8/10) - "Casual on the go gaming is the bread and butter of iPhone and iPad video games. 628 Games' Monster Crush - Demolition fits this genre perfectly, providing quick and fast on the go gameplay in a flash." Full review... Video review (bottom of the page).

iTunes users (average 4.3 stars) - "This game has the limitless gameplay possibilities of Implode, but has alot more character! This game will hopefully catch on and when it does it will snowball into a mega-hit :) My favorite of the genre, and I am happy to see quality of this calibur from an indie dev."

FindMySoft excellent

How many levels have been created?

21,460 levels have been created, these were played 1,273,782 times!

Who are you?

We are professional game developers spending some of our free time to create fun games that we like to play.

Programming: Jorrit Rouwe
Design: Dennis Medema
Music: Kevin MacLeod

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